Food Intolerance Testing At Australian Biologics

Discover the root cause of your discomfort with our advanced Food Intolerance Testing services. At Australian Biologics, we are committed to providing accurate and reliable testing that will help you identify foods causing adverse reactions in your body. With our state-of-the-art laboratory and skilled technicians, we aim to provide comprehensive results to help you improve your health and well-being.

Why Choose Food Intolerance Testing?

Food intolerances are often challenging to diagnose, as symptoms can be varied and may not manifest immediately. Common symptoms associated with food intolerance include digestive issues, skin irritations, fatigue, headaches, and joint pain. By identifying and eliminating problem foods from your diet, you can potentially alleviate these symptoms and experience a significant improvement in your overall health.

Our Food Intolerance Testing Options

We offer two primary Food Intolerance Testing options, tailored to your needs and preferences

222 Foods


For a more comprehensive analysis, our 222 Foods Test examines your body’s responses to 222 different food items, offering a more extensive understanding of your food intolerances.

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125 Foods


Our 125 Foods Test assesses your body’s reactions to 125 common food items, providing you with valuable insights into your dietary needs and potential sensitivities.

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The Testing Process

Select Your Test

Choose the Food Intolerance Test that best suits your needs from our product page and place your order online.

Blood Sample Collection

Visit a nearby pathology center with the provided pathology request form. The center will collect your blood sample and prepare it for transportation and testing.

Send Your Sample

Place your blood sample in the specialized transport container and express mail it to Australian Biologics. Your sample will remain for up to 8 days.

Receive Your Results

Upon completion of the analysis, you will promptly receive your results via email, allowing you and your healthcare professional to develop a personalized treatment plan based on your unique dietary needs.

Transform Your Health And Well-Being

By identifying and eliminating food intolerances, you can take a significant step towards improving your overall health. Our advanced Food Intolerance Testing services enable you to make informed decisions about your diet, leading to increased energy levels, better digestion, and an enhanced quality of life.

Contact Us Today To Learn More About How Australian Biologics Can Help You Uncover Hidden Food Intolerances And Embark On A Journey To Optimal Health.